Auction House Site
We have many years of experience in the development, management and growth of web sites dedicated to the auction houses. Our service includes:
the graphic design of the Website
the development of the website
the integration with our software to manage online auctions
the creation of custom graphics content
the creation of personalized newsletters
Auctions portal
Building on the experience acquired in the individual auction houses we have developed a portal auction model principally dedicated to art and numismatics.
This stock of knowledge and technology is easily applicable and portable to any other area is of your interest and expertise
Management tools for auction houses
We have developed programs for the management of auction houses:
Automatic creation of catalogs starting from files of different formats
Automatic creation of lots labels
Automatic lots sorting system
automatic creation of reports for consignors
Website Development
We are also specialized in creating web sites for any purpose:
we develop in
and much more...
Newsletter - production and delivery
We have the skills and the technical conditions for manage and create your professional newsletter